Vehicle Wraps in Toronto - Car, Truck, Van wraps in GTA - Avery Dennison and 3M - COmmercial and Personal - Updated
Vinyl Wrap Toronto - Premium Vehicle Wraps in GTA - Avery Dennison and 3M - Commercial and Personal
Vinyl Wrap Toronto - Premium Vehicle Wraps in GTA - Avery Dennison and 3M - Commercial and Personal

Get premium quality Car Wraps in Toronto

Full Vehicle Wraps, Partial Vinyl Wraps, Lettering and Decals, Signage and More. We use only premium grade wrapping films by Avery or 3M.

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Vinyl Wrap Toronto is your one-stop shop for getting a ton of customizations to your vehicles, objects, and more. Primarily, we are a vehicle wrapping agency based in the GTA (Toronto) area working hard and smart for over a decade. Apart from being the top car wrap shop in the area, we have also dipped our toe into various other services and come out more chiselled than ever. We believe learning is an everlasting process.

Our installers go above and beyond to make sure the client is satisfied by paying attention to detail and using only the best quality vinyl available on the market. We have certified installers with years of experience in wrapping vehicles and objects. Some of the services we offer include but are not limited to:

Vehicle Wraps:

We are passionate about the art of wrapping. We believe it is the most cost-effective way to upgrade your vehicle completely. Whether you’re considering a vinyl wrap for personal reasons or for commercial purposes, Vinyl Wrap Toronto has the staff and equipment to bring your vision to life. Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we use premium vinyl supplied by Avery Dennison and 3M. Premium vinyl material ensures durability, a longer lifespan, and an incredible colour spectrum to choose from. Here is a list of types of vinyl wraps we offer to our customers in the GTA.

Full Car Wrap:

A full car wrap is the most cost-effective way to completely upgrade the look of your vehicle. Now there are several reasons for getting a full vinyl wrap, these include:

  • For personal reasons; to give your vehicle a personalized look that makes a statement. This could include a custom design or a complete colour change.
  • For commercial reasons; to turn your vehicle into a moving billboard and advertise your business.
  • On top of whatever your reason may be, a full vinyl wrap protects your vehicle’s original colour keeping it intact for several years.

We do full vinyl wraps for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, boats, SUVs, vans, trucks, RVs and the list goes on.

Partial Wrap:

When you don’t want to wrap the entire vehicle or maybe don’t want to pay as much as the full vinyl wrap, we offer partial vinyl wraps. As the name suggests, a certain percentage of your vehicle will be wrapped with premium-quality vinyl. So why should you consider getting a partial vinyl wrap?

  • Partial vinyl wraps are easier on your wallet when compared to full vehicle wraps.
  • You get to show off your creative design while still maintaining some elements showing your vehicle’s original colour.
  • Partial vehicle wraps provide protection against scratches, scrapes and other external damages.
  • You get plenty of space to add your favourite designs, company logos, contact information, etc.

Partial wraps have variable sizes and shapes. Contact our team to discuss your partial wrap requirements or visit our garage located in Toronto. We do partial vinyl wraps for cars, vans, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and basically, anything that can be wrapped.

Lettering & Decals:

Lettering and Decals are vinyl stickers cut out in different shapes and sizes. Getting car decals or lettering installed on your commercial vehicle can boost your sales or give your vehicle a personalized look. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider lettering and decals for your commercial or personal vehicle.

  • Car Decals and lettering cost the least when compared to full or partial vinyl wraps.
  • Unlimited design possibilities. Vinyl decals can be in any shape or size.
  • Extremely fast turnaround time. Installing decals can be done within an hour if all you’re getting is some simple vinyl stickers.
  • If carefully designed, car decals can complement the overall vibe of your vehicle and make it stand out in the crowd.

Not sure what kind of decals to get? Call our experts to learn more about your options and get a free quote on how much vinyl decals cost.

Equipment/Object Wrap:

Gone are the days when vinyl wraps were only good for vehicles. At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we have the staff and equipment to wrap any object or equipment, as long as it has a vinyl-compatible surface.


Ever since Covid-19 hit the world, signs have become the new norm. Whether it is a sign to promote something or it’s a sign having safety tips on it, we can make it happen. Social distancing signs, promotional signs, instructional signs, menu signs, car signage, etc, you name it and we’ll turn it into an eye-catching sign.

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